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BBQ Grill Mesh Bag, Non-Stick Baking Grilling Bag Heat

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  • 🥕High-quality non-stick BBQ grill bag: Made of high-quality environmentally friendly PTFE material, non-toxic and tasteless, it can be reused.
  • 🥕Easy to use: Just put the food in the bag, close the lid, and throw it on the grill. However, please note that during the roasting process the bag should be turned over properly,heat both sides of the food evenly to prevent the food charred.
  • 🥕Easy to clean: The characteristics of the PTFE material make the barbecue bag easy to clean. It keeps the barbecue grill clean and prevents food from sticking. It can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • 🥕Various uses: suitable for grilling hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, steaks, fish, shrimp, various vegetables, pizza and other foods. It is a dehydrated bag for fruits or flowers.
  • 🥕Note: Please keep away from open flames when using, Be careful not to use it over a high flame that will touch the bag.
  • Product description

    Do you feel cleaning the grill is a trouble thing? The  grill grid bag can firmly keep the food in the bag, keep the grill clean, reduce the cleaning work after cooking, and let you enjoy the barbecue party better.

    Why choose a  grill grid bag?

    🥔 Made of high-quality PTFE material, it can be safely heated to 572 ° F (300 ° C), and the dishwasher is safe and reusable.

    🥔 Smoke easily moves in the mesh, giving meat, vegetables, fish, chicken wings and other flavors.

    🥔It's very easy to use, just put the food in the bag, clamp it, then put it on the grill, and then flip and rotate as needed.

    🥔The mesh bag is very strong and easy to fasten. It's great to be able to turn over all the vegetables at once.

    🥔 No longer need a metal rod that may hurt your fingers when strapping meat or other food, just put the food in a bag and prepare it for grilling.


    Please keep away from open flames when using, do not use it on high flames that will hit the bag.


    Product type: Grill bag

    Condition: 100% brand new

    Colour: Black

    Material: PTFE

    Product size: 10.6 * 8.7inch

    The package included:

    2 x barbecue bags

    2 x silicone brush